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Power Transmission & Controls Group

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Power Transmission & Controls Group

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is turning novel ideas and dreams into reality by taking advantage of proven technologies in areas ranging from the world of nanotechnology to gigantic megastructures, utilizing workmanship nurtured through a tradition that spans more than one hundred years.

Power Transmission & Controls Group

This group develops, manufactures and sells gear reducers, which are devices for decelerating the turning speeds of motors to an optimum rate, as well as increasing the torque. Gear reducers are critical devices, essential for any motorized component. They are used in elevators and escalators, as well as industrial robots and production lines in manufacturing plants. Available product lines offer an ample variety of products that are capable of handling motor capacities from compact 6W models to ultra-large models that cope with several thousand kW.

  • Cyclo Drives
  • Precision Control Reducers
  • Compact Reducers
  • Mid to Large Size Reducers

Plastics Machinery Division

This division develops, manufactures and sells injection molding machines, which are used to create plastic products made by pouring melted plastic into a die. The majority of plastic products that are close to us in our lives, such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, as well as PET bottles, mobile phones, computer components and medical apparatuses, are made by injection molding machines.

  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Transfer Molding Press Machines

Quantum Equipment Division

This division creates products through the application of technologies for accelerating electrons, such as the proton therapy system that takes out targeted cancerous lesions or medication supply systems for positron emission tomography (PET), which is proven to be effective for the early detection of cancers. Other than these, the division makes products that contribute to society in the areas of health care and energy, such as solar cell manufacturing equipment.

  • Cyclotrons for PET
  • Medication Synthesizing Systems for PET
  • Proton Therapy Systems
  • Ion Accelerators
  • Lifting Magnets

Precision Equipment Group

This group develops, manufactures and sells cryogenic refrigeration units that are capable of refrigerating at temperatures near absolute zero (-273℃), as well as related products. This cryogenic technology is used for generating superconductors used in high-precision infrared astronomical telescopes.

More specifically, it is used in cryopumps (ultra-vacuum pumps) that are essential for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, as well as medical equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, along with astronomical telescopes, such as the Subaru Telescope (of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, located on summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA).

  • Cryogenic refrigeration units
  • Cryopumps

Mechatronics Division

This division develops, manufactures and sells precision positioning machines, which are used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and liquid crystal panels, as well as drives and control systems for various equipment. This division also offers laser annealing equipment incorporated in the manufacturing process of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power semiconductors that play a role in efficiently controlling electric power, as well as mass production equipment, such as compression molding machines, which are used for the packaging of cutting edge semiconductors, thereby contributing towards the miniaturization of mobile phones and mobile devices.

The aforementioned control systems are provided for a wide range of applications, ranging from manufacturing facilities for lithium-ion batteries to the hybrid controls of various industrial machinery.

  • Precision Positioning Machines
  • Control Systems
  • Motion Components
  • Molding Equipment
  • Laser Annealing Equipment
  • Laser Drill Equipment

Defense System Group

This group manufactures products, such as machine guns for the Ministry of Defense. The group manufactures a wide range of products from large scale items that are mounted on battleships to items small enough to be carried by a person, while supplying high-precision targeting functions and products created through the utilization of state of the art technologies, thereby contributing to the security of Japan.

Energy & Environment Group

This group develops, manufactures and sells products relating to thermal electric power plant facilities, air pollution control facilities and industrial waste treatment facilities. Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers, used for generating private power at manufacturing plants, are capable of efficiently burning fuel by floating it usin

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